Bali Hai **NEW**

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Roast Level: Medium-Dark
Certified: Organic
Flavor Profile: Indulge in notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar.
Description: Embrace the exotic allure of Bali Hai, a medium-dark roast crafted from the high altitudes of the Bali Volcanic Region. Certified organic and meticulously grown by smallholder farmers in Kintamani, Bali, this gourmet coffee captivates with its smooth, earthy flavor. Dive into a cup of tropical pleasure with each sip, and experience the mild intensity and heavy body that defines Balinese coffee. 'Paradise Valley' beans, hand-picked and wet-processed, create a well-balanced brew with low acidity and subtle undertones of chocolate. Discover the essence of Bali in every comforting sip.
Unwind with Bali Hai – where the natural beauty of Bali converges in a cup of Indonesian delight, making each moment a sip of paradise.

Whole Bean: Experience the true essence of Sinister Joe Coffee with our Whole Bean option. Perfect for those who savor the art of coffee preparation, these unground beans preserve the rich flavors until the very moment you brew.

Drip Grind: Embrace convenience without compromising on flavor with our Drip Grind. Tailored for drip coffee makers, this grind ensures a consistent and balanced brew every time. 

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