February 16, 2021

Aeropress Brewing Method

By Scott Thomas
Image of an AeroPress coffee maker

An often overlooked brewing method is the Aeropress Coffee Maker. This hand-pressed, immersive method produces 1-3 cups in just a few minutes. It is fantastic for traveling or camping, takes up very little room and only requires hot water and ground coffee.

I've included the Aeropress instructional video to show how simple it is to operate.

I first came across the Aeropress as a commercial driver. I was looking for a way to make fresh, great tasting coffee without having a traditional coffee maker. Besides the Aeropress, I only needed to have ground coffee and a way to heat water.

This method can be somewhat described as a manual espresso maker. Once you pour the hot water over your grounds and lightly stir, pressing the plunger down forces the hot water through the grounds and filter much like an espresso machine.

The result is a concentrated cup of coffee that you can then adjust by adding additional water according to your own taste. The Aeropress produces a full-flavored, robust cup with very little acidity.

What are some of your favorite brewing methods?

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